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  • True on-line, Zero Transfer Time, dual conversion design.
  • Sine wave pulse width modulation. (SPWM)
  • High Frequency Technology used for Higher Efficiency.
  • Wide Input voltage window.
  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Extendable backup time.
  • 5 Amp / 10 Amp battery charger.
  • Generator compatible and Cold start Feature.
  • EMI / RFI filter.
  • Advanced Battery Management.
  • Microcontroller based True Digital Inverter.
  • Wide input range 90 to 280VAC.
  • Intelligent Two Step Battery Charger.
  • High Efficiency High Frequency Design.
  • Regulated modified sine wave output.
  • Cost Effective solution.
  • Ideal for Home/SOHO use with TV, Tube, Fan and PCs.
  • High efficient 10Amp SMPS charger in 1200i/2400i (3A in 400i)
  • Up to 200AH battery can be connected in 1200i/2400i (65AH in 400i)
  • Models available 400i/1200i/2400i.
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